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Conditions des compagnies




Hereinafter, the following words shall have the following meanings:
COMPANY: CAREMAR, Campania Regionale Marittima S.p.A
VEHICLE: any vehicle that accompanies a passenger and that is used for transporting goods; the definition of 'vehicle' includes any cars, motorcycles, caravans, trucks, campers, vans, trucks.
PASSENGER: any person on board excluded the Captain, members of the crew, or another person employed providing any kind of service or assistance.
TICKET: travel document that provides proof of a contract of carriage, or bill of passage, according to Art. 396 of the Italian Navigation Code.
TABLE OF RATES: current prices, applied by the company and approved by the qualified Department.
Art.1 REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE CARRIAGE OF PASSENGERS AND ACCOMPANYING VEHICLES AND LUGGAGE The object of the contract is the supply of transport to passengers with accompanying vehicles and luggage as outlined in these General Conditions that the passenger, with the purchase of the ticket, implicitly declares to know, to accept and to observe. The extract of the conditions governing the carriage on ships and fast boats of the Company is reported on the ticket. The wording of this Regulation is available to users at the offices and the Company representatives and on board.
Art.2 TICKET PRICE The ticket total amount is made by the rate and eventually by other highlighted separate fee. The fees charged by the Company include VAT when due. For rates, please refer to the "table of rates" of the Company which is an integral part of this Regulation.
Art.3 UNACCOMPANIED MINORS Children under 12 years of age cannot travel unaccompanied. For discount schemes based on age please refer to the table of rates.
Art.4 PREFERRED RATES The Company grants the preferred rates only where specified in the table of rates. The preferred rates shall be applicable only to the purchaser, excluding, therefore, all the accessories. The passenger who is entitled to more special offers will only be charged at the most favorable. The passengers who are entitled to preferred rates must carry a valid document and he/she must it to on-board personnel or the Carrier's Officials when requested. If the passenger can’t provide a valid document, he/she will be required to pay the difference between the full rate and the reduced rate plus the on-board ticketing fee.
Art.5 TICKETS In order to travel on the Company's ships, passengers must carry a valid ticket. The ticket is personal and non-transferable. It is only valid for the specified journey. The passenger must retain the contract/ticket as proof of their right to travel and he/she must present the ticket to on-board personnel or the Carrier's Officials when requested. The passenger who, during the boarding checks, will be found without a regular ticket or found in possession of a special price ticket without authority, will be required to purchase a regular ticket and will not be able to ask for a refund of the irregular ticket. During the board inspection if the passenger will be found without a ticket or a valid ticket, he/she will be charged the entire amount of the ticket plus the on-board ticketing fee. The ticket is valid for the bridge passage; it does not guarantee a seat.
Art.6 VALIDITY OF TICKET The ticket is only valid for the specified journey If unused, it will not be possible to ask for a refund. Reservations can be changed once, at least 24 hours before departure. Customers are required to check the accuracy of the ticket issued upon purchase. The Carrier cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions communicated at a later date.
Art.7 BOOKING The purchase of the ticket can be preceded by reservation by the company ticket offices or its Authorized Agents. In booking requests and / or purchase of the ticket the passenger must indicate the date and time of departure, the departure place along with the destination place, the number of passengers, the type of vehicle and also give every other useful details for identifying the applicant or applicants and the proper application of rates. A booking fee is payable for each seat booked on the issue of the ticket. The Carrier cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions communicated at a later date.
Art.8 BOARDING, DISEMBARKATION AND ON-BOARD PERMANENCE All passengers, with or without accompanying vehicles, are required to check in no later than 45 minutes prior to departure, with their regular ticket. After this time, the booking will lapse and boarding cannot be guaranteed. Vehicles are to be embarked and disembarked by the passenger, at his/her own responsibility. Boarding and disembarkation operations are performed according to order and criteria as defined each time by the Captain. The boarding the vehicle is subject to the needs of the vessel and any other requirement still connected to the seaworthiness of the ship and to the navigation safety. This is all dependant on the reasonable judgement of the Captain, as defined by the current laws, even if a space reserve (booking) has intervened among the parts. Boarding, on-board permanence and disembarkation of the passengers are regulated by the current law, by order issued by the ship’s Command with regards to specific situations and by the following provisions:
a) Passenger in a clear state of agitation or drunk conduct will not be allowed on board;
b) With regards to the peculiarities of maritime transport, it is mandatory to use vehicles that are efficient in every part, especially with regards to brakes, tires, suspensions and, where provided, lashing;
c) It is mandatory to present vehicles for boarding with a load packed, placed and bristled at the state of the art, with all possible precautions and care systems required by the kind of goods and vehicle, all accordingly to transportation by sea;
d) It is mandatory for vehicle drivers to:
- Engage a low gear and apply the parking brake, - Remove keys from ignition and turn electrical devices off, - Turn the alarm system off,
- For motorhomes and vans, all gas valves and electrical devices must be disconnected,
- Leave the vehicle accordingly to rules defined by Maritime authorities,
- LPG/methane or other gas-fuelled vehicles must be declared at embarkation.
Art.9 REFUNDS Tickets issued are refundable, at the following conditions:
Tickets purchased at the Company ticket office: travel cancellation, must be notified by the passenger to the ticket office of the port of embarkation. In this case the contract is concluded and the passenger is entitled to the refund of the ticket with an application of the penalty determined in the following percentages:
- 10% for crossings cancelled up until the day prior to the day of departure;
- 25% for crossings cancelled on the day of departure and up to 30 minutes prior to departure.
Booking fees are not refundable. The right to a refund becomes void if not requested within six months of the departure date originally booked. No refund is due for journeys which are not canceled within the terms above mentioned. If the trip is interrupted by the passenger, the Company is not liable for the reimbursement of the price difference related to the part of the unfinished trip.(art. 406 of the Code of Navigation).
Tickets purchased via web or agency (with code of type or WB012345678X , WP012345678X or C4012345678X): Any refund requests should be notified mandatorily within 24 hours before the scheduled departure, through the reserved area of Caremar website. It is therefore necessary to register on the website. Once in the reserved area, in the "manage purchases" area, all the tickets purchased with the e-mail address used for registration will be available. By clicking "details", in correspondence of the ticket that you wish to cancel and then clicking “cancel the ticket”, the refund request will be provided. The cancellation involves the application, where possible, of a 25% penalty on the original ticket and the loss of pre-sales rights (rounded to the nearest decimal). After administrative checks, the refund will be done on the same card used to purchase. Please note that the time of receipt of the message will be considered. Tickets not canceled within this strict deadline will not be refunded in any way, even partially. To use the ticket on the same route, the customer must first go to the ticket office where a new ticket will be issued. The release will take place without the application of any surcharge . In the same cases , passengers wishing to obtain the refund of the price should submit a written request accompanied by the original ticket ,complete in all its part, to Ticket offices , in the same period of seven days mentioned above.  The shipping company will refund the ticket price within 15 working days of the submission of request. Booking fees are non-refundable. Tickets not used by the departure date, for reasons for which the Company itself cannot be held responsible (unforeseeable circumstances , force majeure , adverse weather conditions , strikes , technical breakdowns ) will not be refunded. The passenger acknowledges that the Master of the vessel has the sole and absolute discretion to vary the scheduled route or destination of the cruise if for any reason he considers it necessary for the safety and welfare of the vessel, its passengers and crew. The crossing times are approximate . The company will not be considered responsible for delays due to port operations. Under the Article 20 of Regulation (EU ) No 1177/2010, the Carrier is exempted from providing assistance in the event of canceled or delayed departures , including alternative transportation, if the passenger is informed of the cancellation or delay before the purchase of the ticket or if the cancellation or delay is caused by the passenger or if the cancellation or delay is caused by weather conditions endangering the safe operation of the ship. However, if the trip is cancelled because of force majeure or fortuitous events, the full refund of the tickets will be allowed to the following terms , excluding damages , free meals provision and alternative transportation.
Art.9 bis APPLYING FOR A REFUND To apply for a refund the passenger must fill in the form issued from the ticket offices. The document must be signed, and sent to “Via Conte Carlo di Castelmola n.14 Uff. Commerciale” together with the original unused tickets and a copy of the applicant’s valid identification document within 30 days from the date of the scheduled departure . The refund request is inadmissible if any of the attachments is missing. Booking fees are non-refundable. It is not possible to choose the methods of refund, because it depends on the how the ticket was purchased . In particular:
- The amount of tickets paid in cash at the ticket office is refundable in cash at the same place within 4 hours after the missed departure . In all other cases it will be refund by Bank transfer;
- The amount of tickets purchased online will be credited to the same credit card used for the purchase.
No refund will be made if the passenger will not show up at the departure time.
Travel cancellation must be communicated by the passenger as follows :
- Up to 24 hours before departure, by sending an email to or or calling the number 081 189 666 90 ( from 09:30 to 12:30 ). In this case the contract is solved and the passenger is entitled to the refund of the ticket with the application of certain penalties in the following percentages:
- 10 % up to 48 hours before the departure;
- 25 % up to 24 hours before the departure;
The right to the travel refund as stated above, is prescribed - in any case - after 30 days from the departure date shown on the ticket . The special fares tickets are non-refundable and they may not even be changed for other travels. The group special fare tickets can not be refunded partially. In any case, if the trip is interrupted at an intermediate stop, before the arrival at the destination point, the Company is not liable for the refund of the price difference.
Art.10 ACCOMPANYING VEHICLE AND LUGGAGE Each passenger is entitled to take 20 kg gross of hand luggage free of charge when travelling on ferries and 10 kg when travelling on high-speed vessels. Minors travelling at half fare are entitled to half of the luggage allowance, in other words 10 kg on ships and 5 kg on high-speed vessels. Permitted luggage comprises those items for the passenger's personal use that are normally transported in suitcases, travel bags, boxes or similar. If objects of a different nature are included in the luggage, the passenger will be charged double the rate for the transport of such items, plus damages, pursuant to Art. 410 of the Italian Navigation Code. Sale representatives' samples are also admitted as luggage up to a limit of 20 kg. The Company declines all responsibility for the theft of objects and/or luggage left unattended. Luggage must be supervised by passengers at all times. The Carrier is responsible for all luggage consigned to it pursuant to Art.411 and 412 of the Italian Navigation Code.
Art.11 PETS Unless otherwise required by law , it is allowed the transport of dogs , cats and other small living animals , accompanying passengers. Passengers are reminded that dogs must wear a muzzle and be held on a leash and that other small animals must be accommodated in cages or baskets, by the passenger. Passengers accompanying animals must remain in the specially reserved areas or designated kennels where available. Exceptions are Guide dogs for the blind. The transport of pets and their maintenance are under the full responsibility and care of the owners. The transport of pets is also governed by the health conditions decided by the competent authorities. The company does not assume any responsibility nor liability that may arise as a result of failure to comply with the laws that regulate this matter. The Company is not liable for claims that may affect pets , if the event is derived from causes not attributable to the company itself. The transport of other animals can only be carried on ferries using only special vehicles , duly approved, and in travel times and previously agreed with the company.
Art.12 DANGEROUS GOODS The transport of flammable, explosive, corrosive and dangerous materials, in commercial vehicles, is allowed on the ships that are enabled for such carriage in compliance with current standards. The passenger is obliged to declare to the Company prior to boarding the existence of dangerous goods, which must be submitted for boarding under the conditions prescribed by law. The services referred to in this Article shall, however, be announced to the Company and the representative at the port of embarkation, at least three working days in advance.
Art.13 DELAYED DEPARURE/ MISSED DEPARTURE/ PREMATURE TERMINATION BY THE PASSENGER The departure delay is governed from the 404 Navigation Act to which reference is made. The Company is not responsible for damage from failure and / or improper performance of the carriage if the event is resulting from unforeseeable circumstances , force majeure , adverse weather conditions, strikes and technical faults constituting force majeure and / or other causes not attributable to the carrier. In the presence of events that could compromise the safety of the ship and / or passenger, the Captain has right to change the itinerary and / or suppress or delay the departure. The crossing time is indicative and calculated on the distance between ports in favorable weather conditions. The Company can not be held responsible for delays due to port operations. Under the Code of Navigation, the passenger who is not on board at the appointed time, is not entitled to reimbursement of the ticket price. Passengers who can not leave for reasons not attributable to him can ask for a refund as described in the article 3. The reasons must be written to the Company or to ticket office where the ticket was issued. If the passenger interrupts the journey as a result of his own choice, the Company is not required by law to grant him a refund. The obstruction and / or interruption of the trip does not entitle to a refund of any booking fees paid by the customer for the purchase of tickets in advance. For lost or stolen tickets no duplicate will be issued.
Art.14 INVOICES The tickets have no invoice value. Those who need invoices must make an explicit request at the time the ticket is purchased, communicating their personal and fiscal data in accordance with art . 22 Presidential Decree 633/72 as amended.
Art.15 PROHIBITIONS It is strictly forbidden to: a) Hold behavior or attitudes that are or may be inconvenient to other passengers; b) Sell, sing or play music and provide services to passengers; c) Introduce animals or objects that may annoy passengers or that may be in contrast to hygiene and decorum rules, with the exception referred to in par.4, art. 10; d) Lying on sofas; e) Smoking in the ship’s internal areas; f) Open and close doors and windows, tamper with furniture and equipment: for these needs the passengers shall refer to the crew; g) Wear or hold in the luggage weapons and ammunitions; these shall be delivered to the Command and will be collected after the disembarkation; Armed Forces and Police forces are exempted according to the current laws; h) Bring on itself, in the luggage or in the vehicles any flammable, explosive, corrosive or otherwise dangerous substance, as well as cylinders loaded with oxygen, compressed air, gas and similar; i) Carry letters and parcels subject to postal charges; j) Throw any object in the sea; k) Stay inside the vehicle during the navigation; l) Start the engine before landing ramps are completely open.
Art.16 DEPARTURE CANCELLATION- CHANGE OF ROUTE- DEPARTURE DELAY- EARLY DEPARTURE DUE TO FORCE MAJEURE- TRIP CURTAILMENT- SHIP FAILURE If the departure of the ship or fast unit is prevented due to causes not attributable to the Company, the contract is terminated and the Company is compelled to return the price received (Art. 20 del Regolamento (UE) N.1177/2010 e art.402 Navigation Code). Without prejudice to the existing interconnection between the various traffic reports carried on by the Company, provisions of art. 403, 404, 405 and 406 of the Navigation Code apply.
Art.17 PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES AND REDUCED MOBILITY PMR is considered any person with reduced mobility and in the specific with particular difficulty when using public transport. Elderly people, disabled people and pregnant women are included as well. Passengers with reduced mobility requiring assistance specify the type of assistance required at least 48 hours prior to departure, by telephone (081 189 666 90) in order to verify that everything is in order for the boarding, landing and transport of the MPR in conditions of safety.
Art.18 RESPONSABILITY The Captain is an officer of the judicial police and, in that capacity, shall exercise the powers referred to art. 221 and following of the Code of Criminal Procedure, in the event of offenses committed on board during the navigation and he exercises his authority over all the people on board (crew and passengers). He has disciplinary control and police powers. From the moment of embarkation until disembarkation, the passenger shall comply with the instructions issued by the Captain; furthermore, he or she shall behave according to common standards of care and caution, paying attention to his or her own safety, and to that of the persons and animals under his or her care, as well as to the safety of his or her belongings, commensurate to the sea and weather conditions. Are exempted cases where the event is not attributable to the Company or can be referred to the passenger’s failure to comply with the prescriptions defined by the Command for the safety of life at sea. The Company will not in any way be liable for loss or damage caused by any other vehicle to vehicles embarked or to the things contained in such vehicles, unless the loss or damage is directly attributable to the Company. Any claims will be settled directly between the parties involved.
Art.19 PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY INSURANCE If any irregularity or deficiency in the service provided by the Company is found, the passenger can inform the Command before disembarkation. In order to begin the investigation, the claim must be sent by mail with return receipt, to the address: "Via Conte Carlo di Castelmola 14, ufficio Commerciale". The insurance company will fix the amount of damages if, following investigation, the company will be considered responsible.
Art.20 COMPLAINTS If any irregularity or deficiency in the service provided by the Company is found, the passenger can inform the Command straight away to enable the Society to solve it immediately. The passenger can send his/her notes, suggestions and complaints to:, and after 60 days the passenger can refer the matter to the Authority for Transport adjustment.
Art.21 PRIVACY Accordingly to art. 13 of legislative decree n. 196 of 30/6/2003 defining provisions for the protection of personal data, the Company as holder of data managing rights informs that the personal data will be processed for purposes strictly related to the management of the contract and the provision of services, also by means of informative systems suitable to guarantee security and confidentiality.
Art.22 COMPETENT COURT Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the interpretation and/or execution of this agreement fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Napoli Court , without prejudice to the mandatory court required by Italian law to protect customers.
Art.23 POSTPONEMENTS Any aspect not covered by the present Conditions of Carriage shall be ruled accordingly to the applicable laws.