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Conditions des compagnies




The following instructions are about the rules which must be applied for what it concerns the transport of passengers and their belongings on Alilauro ships. These rules become law as soon as the passenger buys the ticket. The subject of the contract is the maritime transport as disciplined by the article 396 and so on by the navigation code and RE 1177/201 The indication of the ship which makes the route is merely approximate because the company can decide to change it with another craft. The boat is not responsible for delays, missed or inaccurate transport execution if these events are caused by accidentals, force majeure, bad sea conditions, strikes and breakdown malfunctions. If accidentals can be dangerous for the safety of the ship or for passengers’ health, the Captain has the authority to change the itinerary. Rates and published conditions can be modified up until the emission of the ticket. For what is not provided by the following instructions, we suggest the customer to consult the rules of navigation code in effect at the time. Passengers are responsible for their baggage and the respective content of it till the moment of the disembark. The times of the crossing must be intended as purely indicative and they are calculated, in good sea conditions, by establishing the distance headlight-headlight. The Company cannot be considered responsible for delays due to port operations.


To travel on Alilauro ships it is necessary to own a ticket, which can be bought in the sale points or by Internet. The ticket is a transport contract and passengers are reminded to keep it all along the navigation. The ticket is personal and it cannot be left to others without the agreement of the shipper. The Resident ticket (for the people who live in Ischia) is considered valid just if, at the moment of the boarding, the passenger shows the ID to the crew. The request for a change of residence submitted to the General Register Office is not a valid document to assure the residence, so that it does not guarantee price benefits. Showing the ticket to the crew allows passengers to boarding till the arrival destination. The Captain and the Authorities can deny the boarding for passengers, if there are valid safety reasons. The ticket is valid only for the single route and the date indicated on it. Passengers which, after a check, don’t respect the previous instructions can be subject to fine as explained in the paragraph number 4. Ticket cannot be refunded if it has not been used in the date and the time indicated on it.


In case of theft or loss of the ticket, the passenger is reminded to report it to the Authorities and to the Company. The passenger will have to show to the Offices of the Company a copy of the statement of the charge and pay what he has to get another one. If the lost or stolen ticket is not used within 6 months from the date of the departure indicated on it, the Company will provide to refund it.


A passenger who does not show his ticket to the crew, a passenger who gets a reduced-price ticket with no right, a passenger with a ticket indicating a different destination from the chosen one, will have to pay a fine as specified by the local law, n. 13 13/08/1999 (the fine corresponds to an increase of 100 % compared to amount of the ticket and, anyways, it has not to be lower than € 77,47). If anyone board without a ticket, it has to inform the crew so that they will provide to make it. Buying a ticket on board implicates an extra addition of € 10. If the passenger does not communicate the lack of the ticket, it will have to pay a fine. The Company can implement all the measures regulated by the local laws for the ones who take advantage of its services.


Alilauro prices can be checked on the website or in the ticket offices. Children less old than 18 must be accompanied by adults. Babies less old than 1 year do not pay but they must possess a free ticket (called Infant Ticket) to enjoy the insurance coverage. The inhabitants of the islands or the commuters can enjoy special prices to travel. To get a “Resident Ticket” the passenger has to show the ID when he buys the ticket. The ticket and the ID must always be showed to the crew for any check (at the moment of buying the ticket, at the check-in, at the boarding, during the travel, at the disembark). Owning a ticket does not allow the passenger to break the rules, the local laws or the Government Acts. The Company, by its ticket offices and by Internet, can sell tickets also in the days that precede the departure, but the customer will have to pay an addition for the reservation.


The Company can choose the prices which considers more commercially suitable. The prices can be checked on the website or in the ticket offices.


The passenger must reach the boarding place at least 15 minutes before the departure: the Company can deny the boarding for passengers who arrive late if safety conditions are in danger. The passenger must reach the boarding place with the ticket. Passengers with Online tickets or tickets bought with the Booking Call Center must make the check-in before boarding. The passenger must respect the laws for what it concerns the transit on the dock, conforming to the written indications or to the orders of the mooring men, he must have a respectful behavior with regards to the other passengers, the crew, and he must also respect the safety and hygienic rules. It is forbidden to throw objects on the ground or into the sea. It is compulsory to respect the queue when boarding without trying to go beyond. Every breaking of these rules will implicate a warn from the crew or Police intervention.


When the passenger is on board, he must keep an appropriate behavior, avoiding any kind of offence with regards to other passengers, and he must also respect the safety and hygienic rules. The passenger shall not soil the seats or the furniture of the ship, shall not throw objects on the floor or into the sea. Passengers can enjoy the hygienic services on board without causing blockage and guaranteeing an appropriate use. During the navigation, all passengers must respect the orders of the crew. Every passenger can occupy a single seat. The Company will prosecute the offenders with any mean.


Every passenger can take with him just one baggage and the maximum size allowed is 50 x 35 x 20 (cm), and it cannot weigh more than 9 kg. For extra baggage and for the ones which exceed for weight and size, the Company applies special prices whose entities are determined depending on the obstruction and the weight of the extra baggage. The Customer is expected to verify by himself the size of the baggage. Every baggage which does not respect the maximum size allowed is marked with a sticky ticket which is given to the owner at the moment of the purchase. To the owners of oversized baggage lacking of sticky tickets , the Company can impose a fine according to what it has been explained at the paragraph n.4. The Company or the crew can deny the boarding of baggage which are considered dangerous for a good navigation. Every complaint regarding baggage damages or losses caused by the ship will be treated as specified in articles 412, 413 e 414 Navigation Code, Capo III, Sez.I. (the refund is for a maximum of euro 6,2 each baggage for each kg). The complaints regarding losses or damages for what it concerns baggages must be written on a specific form and given to the board when disembarking, or the request must be considered invalid. The crew can help the passenger with baggages during the boarding and the disembark, even though the porterage service is at the expense of the customer. The unattended baggages are shielded by the Company for a maximum period of 30 days. When the period of 30 days ends, the lost baggages are given to the Mayor of the district where the recovery has taken place. Anyways, the crew or the Authorities of the port are able to inform the Police so that every kind of measure can be applied.


It is possible to board pets on Alilauro ships, if the following rules are respected: -every passenger can board just one pet; - the animal must be considered a “pet”. For pets we consider: dogs, cats, birds; - the size of the pet must be small or medium: the boarding can be denied for pets of bigger sizes, or, as an alternative, it can be accepted if it does not cause a disturbance for other passengers and if it respects the safety and hygienic rules; -dogs must be kept on a leash and must wear a muzzle; - the necessity of boarding a pet will have to be said at the moment of the purchase of the ticket; -the passenger will have to pay an extra-charge for pets, as indicated in the Table in the appendix section; -it could eventually be asked to passengers, at the moment of boarding, to show to the crew sanitary certifications about the health and the vaccination of the pet and the certification must not be antecedent to 3 months from the issuance. In case of non-observance of the previous rules, the passenger will have to pay a fine.


Suppression, departure delays and travel interruption are disciplined by articles 403, 404, 405 of Navigation Code. The arrival times must be considered as indicative and they could be modified in consequence of sea conditions, port traffic, Authorities restrictions or other reasons which do not depend from the Company. If it is possible to prove the responsabilities of the ship for a delay, it will be refund the difference between the cost of the hydrofoil ticket and cost of the ferry ticket.


In case the departure is cancelled by the Company for reasons which cannot be ascribed to the Company, the Customer will get the cost of the ticket refunded. In case the departure is suspended for reasons that can be ascribed to the Company, in case the travel cannot be assured with other ships of the Company, or if the passenger does not accept to travel in different routes, the price of the ticket is refundable. The compensation of damages ascribed to the suppression of the departure, if not exceeding the double of the clear price, will take place only if it will be proved. Same thing for what it concerns change of itinerary or times determined by causes ascribed to the ship and for whose the passenger refuses the ride.


The contract, once concluded, cannot be solved by the contracting party. The Company, as specified by article n. 400 of Navigation Code, allows the passenger, who does not want or who cannot take advantage of the ticket, of the possibility to get a refund to the following penalty conditions:

-Tickets cancelled 10 days before the departure will be refund for the 90%;

-Tickets cancelled 2 days before the departure will be refund for the 50%;

-Tickets cancelled 48 hours before the departure will not be refund;

-Tickets with special prices cannot be refund. If a passenger refuses to travel and wants to get a refund, it will have to send an e-mail to .

Refunds will take place via brank transfer. The estimated amount of time the refund takes is about 30 days from the date of the request.


Change of times and date of tickets can be accepted by Company only if there are available seats and only if the request takes place 1 hour before the departure. However, the change can be realized within given limits for what it concerns the working time of the Booking Call Center and the Ticket Office. Modifying a ticket will cause an extra payment. If there is a difference between the price of the previous ticket and the price of the new ticket, the passenger has to pay it. The change of the ticket can happen only if the chosen departure is available on the time schedule, while it is not possible to change a ticket for an extra-ride. The original ticket will have to be shown before the change.


In case of delay or unavaibility of the passenger, there is no refund. If the Company is forced to delay because of the passenger, he will have to pay a fine.


Special price tickets can be bought until the sold-out of all seats. Special prices cannot be combined with other offers. Special price tickets cannot be modified or refund.


The actual prices consist of eventual extra-charges regarding the cost of fuels, port taxes and port rights which can change up until the emission of the ticket. For reservations made by Call Center, Online section of our website or Ticket Office, the price of the reservation will be extra-charged. The cost of the extra-charge price for these kind of reservations is always specified before the purchase of the ticket. Extra-charge reservation cannot be refund.


It is not allowed to transport dangerous objects on Alilauro ships. It is strictly forbidden to board: -weapons, except weapons which belong to Police officers “et similia”; -dangerous wares like drugs, combustible liquids or other wares which are considered illegal according to the local laws. If a passenger thinks to transport a dangerous ware, it has to communicate it to the Captain or the crew.


In compliance with the Italian legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30/06/2003, Alilauro S.P.A informs that user’s personal data may be shared with individuals involved in the business organization of the site (administrative, commercial and marketing personnel, legal department, and system administrators), or external third parties (technical service suppliers, postal carriers, hosting providers, information technology companies, communication agencies). These third party agencies will be given only the information that is strictly necessary for the execution of their operations. The Customer, in compliance with the Italian legislative Decree no. 7, law 196/03, can require the correction, integration or the elimination of his personal dates sending an e-mail to or sending a letter to the address Alilauro s.p.a., Terminal Napoli Stazione Marittima . 80133 Napoli.


For navigations on distances further than 20 nautical miles between the departure port and the arrival port, it may be asked, at the moment of the purchase of the ticket, identifying data as referred to the Degree 13/10/1999 integrated by the circular CP SG n. 98. Passengers who need assistance or care in emergency situations have to communicate it as soon as they board. Passengers who need help for boarding (people with motor difficulties) will have to communicate it at the moment of the reservation, phoning the Call Center of the ship to check for the availability of facilitations; furthermore they will have to reach the boarding place at least 2 hours before the departure specifying their own necessities to the members of the crew. The acquired data, in compliance with the Italian legislative Decree no. 7, law 196/03, will be stored not longer than the necessity of their use. For what it concerns the maritime transport services for customers, Alilauro believes in the following fundamentals.


Equality and impartiality

The Company respects the fundamental of equality and prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation. The Company guarantees a free accessibility for its services and an equal treatment for every traveler. The Company is inspired by 3 main criteria: impartiality, justice and dispassion.


The Company guarantees an uninterrupted and regular service, except in the cases of force majeure, accidentals or other circumstances for which the Company cannot be blamed. If the responsabilites of irregularity can be ascribed to the Company, it will be possible to inform and respect passengers’ rights as explained previously.


The Company supplies a service which guarantees efficiency and efficacy of transports. The crew wears uniform with social colors, logo and badge, to be easily noticed. The crew, in order to establish a good relationship with the passengers, is kind and professional.

Quality factors

The Company has highlighted several quality factors, which are very useful to guarantee an excellent service for its passengers. These factors are about regularity and punctuality, safety conditions and comfort during the travel, efficient information for the passengers, helpfulness of the crew, respect for passengers whose conditions need a special care, safeguard of natural environment. Referring to each quality factor, the Company guarantees high quality standards as follows in the next table:

- Information for the passengers: Services about the routes of the Company are written and time schedules available for passengers. These schedules are available on Internet and in the ticket offices. In case of irregularities or cancelations due to force majeure, accidentals or other circumstances for which the Company cannot be blamed, the Company itself provides to warn its passengers about the inconveniences by Internet and ticket offices. The Company does the same also for inconveniences ascribed to itself. In this case, the Company allows the passenger to use the ticket for the same route for the following 7 days after the cancelation, and to get the price of the ticket refund. The refund can be got by showing a copy of the ticket to the ticket office and by writing the request during the 7 days after the cancelation.

- Comfort: The Company’s main interest is to guarantee comfort and safety for its passengers, that is why assures a constant maintenance work on its ships. Alilauro ships are daily cleaned. If possible, ships are air-conditioned. The Company cares for human resources and its staff is known for being professional and kind. The staff of the Company is always at passengers disposal. Alilauro cares for disabled, old people and pregnant women. For these kind of passengers the Company guarantees a boarding priority. A member of the crew will take care of these passengers when boarding and disembarking. Alilauro ships are built to safeguard the natural environment.

Supervision of quality standards

The Company supervises the quality standards by making accurate tests. In order to guarantee improvements and higher services, periodically, the Company distributes assessment questionnaires which are helpful to verify passengers’ satisfaction. These questionnaires are based on the following database form:

Factors/ Marker of Quality (Score 1-5)

Regularity of service Information for the passengers



Crew Care for disabled, old people and pregnant women

Safeguard of natural environment

Final judgement

Passengers rights and duties
By buying a ticket, both Company and Customer establish a relationship which is characterized by reciprocal rights and duties. The main Customer rights:

- Continuity and warranty of the service;

-Safety during the travel;

- Punctuality of departure and arrival times for every destination;

-Easy availability of informations about travels, prices, times; Easy availability of information when the service is irregular.

- Reuse of the ticket or refund when the service is cancelled because of the Company for the following 7 days from the issue;

- Optimal service when waiting for the boarding and help for disembarking;

- Clean ships;

- Ban on smoking on the ships.

-Easy availability for any kind of complaint and right to be answered.

The main Customer duties:

-Owning a validate ticket;

- Sit on a single seat;

- Ban on soiling or damaging the ships;

- Ban on smoking;

- Ban on sitting on seats reserved to old people, disabled or pregnant women;

- Ban on bothering the other passengers;

-Ban on carrying dangerous objects on board;

-Ban on using emergency signals improperly;

-Ban on compromising the safety of the travel.

Complaints and advices

Alilauro is always by its passengers side, that is why it always ready to accept complaints and advices to guarantee a perfect service. Customer Service number is: +39 081 497 22 06. Every complaint or advice from our customers is well accepted and it is useful, for the Company, to understand where to improve and how. If the Customer is not satisfied, it is possible to phone at the Customer Service number, send an email to or fill the form “Diteci la nostra”, which is available on our website Alilauro will answer within 30 days from the day the complaint was sent.

Our ticket offices

Napoli molo Beverello – tel : +39 081/4972252 Napoli molo di Mergellina - tel: +39 081/4972249 Ischia porto terminal 1 – tel: +39 081/4972242 Forio d’Ischia – tel: +39 081/4972255 Positano – + 39 089/875092 Amalfi – +39 089/873301 Salerno – +39 089/234892 Sorrento – +39 081/8781430 Our offices Stazione Marittima Napoli- +39 081 497 22 01